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datum objave | 04. listopada 2015.

Hi, we are excited that you are interested in becoming an Urban Adventures Zagreb Team member. We encourage you to learn more about Urban Adventures on this page and find out if this is your true calling.

Urban Adventures provides the Best. Day. Ever. in over 100 cities around the globe, giving travellers the opportunity to see a city through the eyes of a local. Urban Adventures is the world’s leading day tour brand, and we are always on the hunt for new international partners.

Who we are looking for

We want people with flair and an entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to commit and follow through, initiative and drive to create something different, and who are comfortable being themselves. If you’re looking for an opportunity that’s full of potential, and to be able to work for yourself – while being part of an inclusive and supported network with a formula for success – this is it.

Would you describe yourself as PERFKT?

We demonstrate our culture through the following brand values – they embody everything we do. Urban Adventures people are PERFKT. Are you?

  • Passion. You are passionate that your city is the best in world.
  • Enthusiasm. After visiting with you, passengers will love your city too.
  • Responsible. Your city positively benefits from having a passenger visit.
  • Fun. Always!
  • Knowledge. No one knows your city like you do.
  • Togetherness. Being part of a larger network strengthens us and makes us the best.

Can you offer us local experiences with FLAVOR?

So what do customers get when they travel with us? Can you provide FLAVOR in your city?

  • Fun. Our tours are always fun. A customer is on holidays and we’re going to make their trip awesome.
  • Local. Our team possesses unsurpassed local knowledge, proving that #localsknow
  • Accessible. With small groups and big contacts, we’ll get a customer access to all those places no one else can.
  • Value. Our experiences always provide exceptional value, so find out what the customer wants out of their tour.
  • Original. Our tours provide experiences a customer can’t get anywhere else.
  • Remember. The travel stories we share with our passengers are unique and memorable – ones they’ll always remember.

Application requirements:

  • What we’ve described sounds like you
  • Have some form of social media knowledge (FB, Instagram)
  • Able to write blog posts in English about life in Zagreb, trendy places
  • Speak English fluently
  • Able to socialize and talk to people from all over the world,
  • Able to present Zagreb in a fun, engaging, and quirky manner
  • Have some form of previous experience in customer service
  • Finally in your application please describe yourself in 5 words and complete “Zagreb is the best city to visit in the world because …….”

To submit your proposal, send us an email.

Please note: Only selected candidates will be contacted by our team for a personal interview which may be in person or over Skype.

Once accepted, you will be welcomed to the family immediately and we will have you up and running the Best. Day. Ever. in Zagreb within a month.